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As a classical musician, the majority of my training was in how to play my instrument better. How to make a better sound, move my fingers faster, play with expressivity and technical prowess, and learn the mountains of repertoire that define us. Over the years, I’ve learned that this wasn’t nearly enough education to make me a viable part of the classical music market. I’ve had to learn how to be interesting on stage, how to talk to audiences, create entertaining programming, communicate with presenters and so much more. I wish I could’ve learned these skills while in high school or college, but I didn’t. In some cases, I didn’t take the opportunities presented to me that would’ve bridged this gap. Hence this page on my site - I would like to impart some of the skills I’ve learned onto anyone interested in hearing what I have to say.

Make no mistake: I am no writer. Please don’t expect expressive and perfectly thought out sentences here. My writing style comes straight from my brain and I rarely have the perfect wording for my thoughts. Nor do I have the patience to find it. Someday maybe I’ll learn to try harder in this department, but that day is not today.

I do have experience and passion for our art and I have definite opinions on what we as the classical music and performing art community as a whole can do to make ourselves and the people around us better.

Because, we are not just musicians – we are performers. Other artists, such as actors and dancers who work in a more visual medium, are trained in stage presence, for example. Musicians frequently lack significant education in this department and forget we're being watched. So when we scratch our butts during a performance... the audience notices, but we don’t. And then the audience forgets to listen to you, because they're thinking, "They just scratched their butt!!" When a good actor or dancer scratches their butt onstage, they’re doing it for a reason that furthers the story or movement piece. I believe it’s important for musicians to be just as thoughtful in the choices we make.

That is going to be a major point on this page - make choices. I empower to choose and choose wisely. I’ll get more in depth to what that actually means, but today… make a choice.

Please accept this humble set of articles as my contribution to making our community a little more well-rounded, relevant, and entertaining.